Re: [Ekiga-list] Compile Problem


Le dimanche 28 décembre 2008 à 16:21 +1000, Brian a écrit :
> Damien,
> I have tried lots of options here( I have been working on this for two
> days), however, I am really stuck now.
> I think you are right it is probably due to me running a suse/kde
> system. So I have given up for now( I am going to try and get some local
> help).
> In the meantime I have installed  the 3.0.1-1.22 binary I found on rpmfind.
> This works fine except that it cannot open the camera, see below.
> The camera( a v4l2) works fine in 3 other applications.
> Other messages say that PTLIB recogised that the camera was v4l2.
> However, when I get to the part in the wizard to select the camera, it
> does not give me any choices it just says  (046d:08c1PTLIB/V4L).

Can you provide a full log ?
I fear the V4L2 plugin is not installed, but only the 'deprecated' V4L2

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