Re: [Ekiga-list] Compile Problem

Le samedi 27 décembre 2008 à 23:28 +1000, Brian a écrit :
> Damien,
> Lets tackle one problem at a time:)
> >> argument `/usr/lib/gcc/i586-suse-linux/4.3/../../../'
> > Do you have the devel versions of libsigc++2 installed ?
> > 
> Yes I do, the is not in it.
> However, I think this may be a package problem(don't quote me:)
> I did a search for across my whole system(I have a 10.0 a
> 10.3 and a 11.1 of suse) and it was only found in the old 10.0 system.
> So either I have not installed some gnome requirement or the file is no
> longer valid on newer systems.
> Then I noticed that this file is called by libtool.
> I had to install libtool on my system, but you have a shell script
> called libtool in the /ekiga-3.0.1 directory. I renamed this to see if
> it would pick up my system libtool and it said
> /bin/sh: ../../../../libtool: No such file or directory
> make[6]: *** [] Error 127
> make[6]: Leaving directory
> `/Documents/SOURCE/SUSE11/ekiga-3.0.1/lib/engine/presence/local-roster'
> etc.
> Which is correct as I had just renamed it.
> I guess my question is, should it be using my system libtool?
> If not what do I have to install to satisfy your libtool so that it can
> find, if it is still valid?

I'm sorry, but I have no idea at all. Using does not look
logical, I do not think it uses it here on Debian.
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