Re: [Ekiga-list] Compile Problem

>> pwlib-plugins-v4l2-1.10.10-56.2 - V4L2 support for pwlib
> This is the old plugin.
Yes I agree, unfortunately emails do not convey levels of frustration:)

> ekiga 3.0 compiles only with the latest versions of ptlib (previously
> caled pwlib) and opal: ptlib 2.4.2 (you have here 1.10.10) and opal 3.4.2.
I have 3.0.1 plus Opal 3.4.3 plus ptlib 2.4.2 here each in a separate
I compiled opal and ptlib with no apparent problem.
However, try as I might I could not get 3.0.1 to compile.
Is there some subtle  thing I am missing like putting opal and ptlib in
some directory? Telling ekiga where to find the other two?
Also not I am running a kde system, so I think it even money that I am
missing some gnome stuff.

After about two days I have up and went back to the supplied suse
version, with as you correctly say pwlib problems.
With this the echo test to 500 ekiga net works but no video etc.

In a nutshell I know I really need to get 3.0.1 going.

The frustrating thing is that a friend dropped it in on a deb system and
was making calls within 30mins:)


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