Re: [Ekiga-list] Trouble getting cross-plattform video to work


After some googling, it seems quite clear to me this router ( Speedport W770V ) tries to help ekiga, and doing so it confuse it.
Almost all the interesting pages are in german, I wont be able to help
further configuring this router, but here is one good exemple of this
router dealing with the SIP protocol:

thank you *so* much -- I guess this information will help me a lot getting thing to work! (Shame on me I didn't find this and similar pages myself -- suppose I didn't because I always had "Ekiga" among my query terms, but the issues I encountered obviously were generally sip-related rather than being Ekiga-specific... Anyway, good to learn that I wasn't entirely stupid, but things are really a bit more complicated with Speedport routers!)


I hope this will help.

I'm confident it will -- thanks again!

Hope you got many nice presents --


Dr. rer. nat.
Torsten Crass
Biochemiker - Bioinformatiker
Breite Lade 20
31275 Lehrte
Tel.  05132/8219177
torsten crass eBiology de

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