Re: [Ekiga-list] Trouble getting cross-plattform video to work

Yannick (and others),

If your ekigas were not on the same LAN, it would have work as it work
for me and my friend. Installing bonjour on the windows platform will
make it work inside your LAN.

I see... ok, but since my current setup (both Linux and Windows behind the same NAT router) was supposed to serve testing purposes only and the target scenario will encompass two separate LANs, I don't think I should like installing bonjour on the Windows machine.

This morning I tried to connect to our home LAN (the Windows client) from my sister-in-law's place (hooked up my Linux laptop to their DSL router (128 kBit/s upstream)) -- just to experience some new problems preventing me from successfully "phoning home". The first issue seemed to have been related to NAT stuff (again) -- my relatives' router (a German T-Online Speedport W700V) "successfully" blocked my attempts to even register with; registration was possible only after completely disabling the built-in firewall. I wonder which wicked things this router was trying to do -- instead of just translating my datagrams' addresses to and fro. (Anybody else out there having trouble with Speeport routers...? Models W770V and W500 (without "V") in particular)

But even after disabling the firewall and successful registration (here comes the 2nd problem) neither audio nor video was transmitted when trying out's echo service. :-(

Dammit, I'd really love to see an idiot-proof open-protocoll-based open-source alternative to the "Microsoft of internet telephony", as one might call Skype...

So if anyone had some idea on how to deal with the above mentioned issues, I'd be glad... Or maybe some debug info (yes, meanwhile I learned how to make Ekiga talk... :-) would be helpful?

But anyway... top priority these day is, of course, celebrating Christmas with your loved ones (at least if you adhere to the underlying belief system ;-) So enjoy the day --


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