Re: [Ekiga-list] Trouble getting cross-plattform video to work


Le mardi 23 décembre 2008 à 23:26 +0100, Torsten Crass a écrit :

wow, *that* I call a quick response... :-)

From time to time I chat with a friend using vista. I'm using ekiga
3.0.0 and he is using

In Debian, it's the 3.0.1 version already. Shouldn't make a big difference, should it?

The Windows version I've installed is called 3.0.2beta-7316d.

On both side we are directly connected to internet using an ADSL line.

We've got ADSL (WAN IP via DynDNS, DHCP on the LAN side), too, and the router says that we have an uplink speed of 400something kBit/s. In my test setup, however, both clients are sitting behind the same router. I don't know exactly which route the streams will take in a sip-initiated video chat, but even if both clients' streams are routed out of the LAN (to where?) and back again, there should be sufficient bandwidth at, say, a per-client video bitrate of 64 kBit/s max, right?

(Anyway, I suppose tomorrow I will try to connect to our home network from some other people's place, perhaps that will work better.)

Alas, even between two Linux machines it frequently happens that onyl one client recieve's the other's remote video. (It's a pitty Ekiga isn't too talkative about things having gone wrong... Well, it *does* apparently provide some information about the current connection in its status line, but so far I couldn't find any explanation of what "A:8.0/0.0, V:8.3/0.0" actually stands for...)

We usually use speex and theora at 320x200.

Ok, sound's familiar. My webcams (two Logitech QuickCam E3500 Plus) offer resolution like 176x144 and 320x240, both of which I tried out.

Some time we have to switch
the one calling to get the connection but i'm using quite a quite old

What exactly do you mean by "switch" -- is it like hanging up and re-connecting? For me, this occasionally did help, but by far not always...

3.0.0 ... Our main issue is some echo with sound, but i still need to
verify my sound setup (and ALSA just p... me off!).

Yeah, it's a pitty many aspects of multimedia still kinda suck under Linux... Just ordered an old used Soundblaster boards since neither my current (well, actually not so current anymore...) Yamaha sound card, nor any other current wavetable card seem to be supported.

We usually chat for
hours without trouble.

*sigh* Lucky you!

Anyway, definitely bed time now. There will be a whole lot of very pleasant, but also somewhat exhausting familiy business to be dealt with tomorrow...

Thanks a lot for your reply (further hints still wellcome), best regards and (huh, 00:14 already!) merry Christmas --


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