Re: [Ekiga-list] Trouble getting cross-plattform video to work

Le mardi 23 décembre 2008 à 23:26 +0100, Torsten Crass a écrit :
> Dear List,
> for about two days I've been trying to get a video chat connection 
> between a Linux (Debian Sid with Ekiga from Experimental) box and a 
> laptop running Windows XP (Ekiga 3.0.2beta) to work. *Very* occasionally 
> I did get bi-directional video, but I wasn't able to determine any hard 
> criteria when it would work and when it wouldn't.
> Anybody out there having successfully video-chatted between Lin and Win? 
> And if so, may I ask which settings you've been using? Audio/Video 
> codecs, webcam resolution, video bitrate, quality/framerate settings, 
> type of internet connection...?
> Thanks for any hints --


>From time to time I chat with a friend using vista. I'm using ekiga
3.0.0 and he is using

On both side we are directly connected to internet using an ADSL line.
We usually use speex and theora at 320x200. Some time we have to switch
the one calling to get the connection but i'm using quite a quite old
3.0.0 ... Our main issue is some echo with sound, but i still need to
verify my sound setup (and ALSA just p... me off!). We usually chat for
hours without trouble.


> 	Torsten
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