[Ekiga-list] 473 Filtered destination

Recently, it happened to me several times that I could not 
initialize a call although I knew for sure that the other 
side was online. Also, I got similar complaints from others
not able to reach me by Ekiga but when they used eg 
Ekiga->my other SIP client they reached me fine. Sometimes
(but not always) this problem was be fixed by restarting 
Ekiga on both sides, sometimes it fixed \"itself\" after 
some longer time...

I managed to catch a d4 log from one of these cases:
It says that Kamailio returns \"473 Filtered destination
(473/TM)\" to to the caller right after the caller sends
INVITEs. Then the call fails with \"Local user cleared
the call\". What does this filtered destination mean?
Is Kamailio blacklisting the users from some reason?


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