Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Ekiga win32 issues

On 05/07/11 13:43, uliv wrote:

Eugen Dedu wrote:

Is the 3.3.-HEAD so unstable or the error caused by incorrectly building?

3.3 head is relatively stable in my opinion.

I'm unable to register 3.3.head on asterisk: Ekiga sends REGISTER with
Expires: 3600, recieves 200 OK and after ~9 sec it sends REGISTER with
Expires:0 twice (with different Sequence Numbers) and recieves two 200 OK.
Ekiga compiled with OPAL 3.10.beta2.

Sorry to answer so late.

This is strange. Please try again and if this happens again, send us the log output ( and precise us what version of ekiga you used (where you downloaded them from and when).


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