Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Ekiga win32 issues

On 30/06/11 01:48, uliv wrote:
Hi All!
I'm trying to build my own stable build of Ekiga.
My 3.2.7 build works stable but it freezes on SIP call termination on Win7
based notebook. On WinXP it woks OK.
3.3.-HEAD build crashes with "The instruction at "xxx" referenced memory at
"xxx". The memory could not be "read/wrire"" error after start up.
Is the freezing on 3.2.7 is a known bug? is it fixed?

I do not think it is a known issue. But please use 3.3, it is there where development and fixes take place now.

Is the 3.3.-HEAD so unstable or the error caused by incorrectly building?

3.3 head is relatively stable in my opinion.


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