Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Ekiga future plans

On 26/07/11 14:35, Alicja Ciemniewska wrote:
Eugen Dedu pisze:
However, we had some issues with hardware compatibility and
stability on Windows (we faced issues with video output - bug: 626515,
un-registering -- bug: 622001, or unexpected crashing). Assuming many of
the PLATON users may use Windows, this is an important point for us.

Bug 626515 is difficult.

Could you elaborate on this a bit more, please? Where lies the problem
(is it a matter of drivers or application or it lies somewhere else)?
Is it going to be fixed in next release?

This error is found in file ddraw.h found in ekiga code (, but which got copied from I do not know where.

I am working on building ekiga for windows using the new mingw-w64 (almost finished), there are chances (but small) that in this case the error would not appear.

If this does not work, then the problem is surely that the above files need to be updated. I suppose they were taken from Windows SDK or something like that. Updating them should solve this issue.


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