Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Windows XP: "wave" volume goes to zero when calling

Hi Domink,
thanks a lot for stress testing.

Dominik schrieb:
Hi Michael,

as I promised here are the test results:
I've made 67 echo tests on the WinXP (SP3) laptop.
- 52 were OK.
- 15 times I hear no voice and the volume slider in ekiga is deactive.
I've made 50 echo tests and all of them were OK! Even when I re-dial
very quickly!

In addition, I run the echo test in VirtualBox with both exe files:
- normal .exe: 6 times OK, 4 times bad
- exe.isitbetter: 20 times OK

Overall, the "exe.isitbetter" it's much more stable than before.
It solves all the silence problems.


PS: In opposite to the normal exe the isitbetter.exe has the initial
100ms mute. But it doesn't matter, IMHO.

Dominik schrieb:
Hello Michael,

Thanks. Unfortunately, I'm on a business trip for the next days and I
haven't access to my private desktop or to my wife's laptop. :-)
But you can expect my test results next Friday or latest Saturday, I'll


Michael Rickmann schrieb:
Hi Eugen, hallo Dominik,
[... snip]

I think that your results show that we will be able to fix the audio mute issue of Win32 Ekiga at the level of audio devices (technically sound channels) and that both, input and output are affected. Fortunately it does not seem to be network related. That really confines things. From the bug fixing point of view we have to make sure, however, that by adding patches we do not compensate for underlying bugs. Meanwhile I think I found one ( ) in Ptlib which Ekiga uses and which could affect the volume settings of input and output. I uploaded new 3.2.pre6 files to which with respect to the audio muting only contain the Ptlib fix. I will go on holidays the next nine days. Afterwards I will continue to look into this.

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