Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Windows XP: "wave" volume goes to zero when calling

Michael Rickmann wrote:
Dominik schrieb:
Hi Michael,

please note for the second problem: It happens under linux, too. (not as often, but it does)
So it's not a Windows specific problem.


Dominik schrieb:

2. I have run/made many of echo tests and found strange things out:
When the connection is established
either (most)
- the volume mutes for fractions of a second and then increased to the
saved value.
or (sometimes)
- sound is muted (not visible in windows mixer) and the volume button in
ekiga is greyed out.
or (only a few)
- sound is OK, but the volume button in ekiga is greyed out.
or (only a very few)
- sound is muted (not visible in windows mixer), the volume button in
ekiga is OK, but the first slider is greyed out.


Thank you Dominik. I experience these problems as well. Up to now I was not shure that they were not due to the STUN problems which I have with my Fritz!Box. But now I think that we really have to fix this. I need some help from the real Ekiga experts here. So I uploaded a d4 log to . It illustrates one of the cases you describe, here a short summary:

One successful call to 500 ekiga net, on the second call button for audio seetings window is greyed, I can hear the intro but not the echo of my voice.

12952: ekiga GMAudioInputManager_ptlib Closing device Plantronics Headset 13052: Media Patch:372 AudioInputCore Falling back to SILENT (Ekiga/Ekiga)

inbetween I fiddled around with the local video button
around here the new call is made

14672: Pool:2612 GMAudioInputManager_null Opening Device SILENT (Ekiga/Ekiga)

Between 13052 and 14672 no attempt is made to set audio input to the Plantronics Headset.

This seems to be


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