Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Windows XP: "wave" volume goes to zero when calling

Hi Michael,

as I promised here are the test results:
I've made 67 echo tests on the WinXP (SP3) laptop.
- 52 were OK.
- 15 times I hear no voice and the volume slider in ekiga is deactive.
I've made 50 echo tests and all of them were OK! Even when I re-dial
very quickly!

In addition, I run the echo test in VirtualBox with both exe files:
- normal .exe: 6 times OK, 4 times bad
- exe.isitbetter: 20 times OK

Overall, the "exe.isitbetter" it's much more stable than before.
It solves all the silence problems.


PS: In opposite to the normal exe the isitbetter.exe has the initial
100ms mute. But it doesn't matter, IMHO.

Dominik schrieb:
> Hello Michael,
> Thanks. Unfortunately, I'm on a business trip for the next days and I
> haven't access to my private desktop or to my wife's laptop. :-)
> But you can expect my test results next Friday or latest Saturday, I'll
> promise.
> regards
> Dominik
> Michael Rickmann schrieb:
>> Hi Eugen, hallo Dominik,
>> I think, I fixed it, i.e. possibly the connected cases of 586531. The
>> main thread  was closing the audioinput device, while the "Media
>> Patch" thread which pumps the data into the internet was still active.
>> Consequently "Media Patch" switched to the silence device. This was
>> left in current_device of audioinput-core.cpp, and it was used for the
>> next call. Attached patch also sets
>> internal_set_manager(desired_device); when the stream is started, i.e.
>> when it is really needed. The patch fixes all my greyed audiobutton
>> problems. Dominik, I just uploaded a new
>> . Could you try it, please, and see how many of your issues get
>> solved. The initial mute which you desribe is good one, I think. The
>> lady on 500 ekiga net starts babbling along immediately and what we
>> hear is the time which Ekiga needs to get ready. It is better to dump
>> the buffers than to have audio latency.
>> As your cases, Dominik, are so manyfold I also looked into Ekiga's
>> audiooutput with respect to saving the desired device across calls. In
>> priciple audioautput-core can be affected in the same way as
>> audioinput. But at the moment and for me things go right, i.e.
>> AudioOutputCore::stop() is called twice when a call finishes and thus
>> the desired device is saved for sure. I guess the calls come from
>> Ekiga main and a worker thread. But with threading one always knows
>> best in the end, so I prepared an addional patch (attached
>> ekiga_4outaudiodev). The corresponding download is
>> . Does it resolve any remaining issues for you? For me it is not better.
>> Regards
>> Michael
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