Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Windows XP: "wave" volume goes to zero when calling

Hi Michael,

thanks for the prerelease.
The audio problem is now mainly fixed and much better than in 3.2.5, but
there are two problems left.

1. After a fresh installation the sound is still muted.
Is it possible to deliver in ekiga.conf for
a greater value than 0?
In my opinion 30 would be fine.

Changing the volume in ekiga would change the value in ekiga.conf.
That's good.

2. I have run/made many of echo tests and found strange things out:
When the connection is established
either (most)
- the volume mutes for fractions of a second and then increased to the
saved value.
or (sometimes)
- sound is muted (not visible in windows mixer) and the volume button in
ekiga is greyed out.
or (only a few)
- sound is OK, but the volume button in ekiga is greyed out.
or (only a very few)
- sound is muted (not visible in windows mixer), the volume button in
ekiga is OK, but the first slider is greyed out.


Michael Rickmann schrieb:
> Hi Dominik,
> I think I fixed all the audio-output volume settings issues for Win32
> with attached two patches. ekiga_1outvolume.diff keeps the output
> volume across calls, ekiga_2outvolume.diff across Ekiga sessions - the
> latter is more intrusive as it introduces a new config key into the
> database which for Win32 is in ekiga.conf. I am just uploading new
> files to my directory. Could you try
> I have tested it under XP-SP2 and 7RC. Could you tell me if it fixes
> the audio for you. For audio input use the general Windows sliders,
> its a thing I don't see any pattern yet.
> Regards
> Michael
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