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Hi all,

I'm a researcher working on E-inclusion. I'm working on the Vital project ( Our aim is to bring the latest technologies to people with disabilities (these can be elders or else). Our platform is based on URC technology ( Once that a "profile" called UI socket has been defined and a target adapter has been developed for it, this technology allows to control targets from any UI.
So, I've found that for a videoconference scenario, Ekiga is an interesting option. Right now, our platform is running on windows, so I'm interested in having a stable version of Ekiga for windows and having a working cross-building environment.
My idea was to start looking at DBUS, as is told in the previous email and looking at Ekiga's source code. My first effort would be to do some basic control and later on to be able to send rtp flows to other UI's and inserting external rtp flows from those UI's to Ekiga.


Gorka Epelde

2008/10/14 Heiser Michael <heisermi hs-albsig de>
Damien Sandras has written:
>Are you sure what you need is not a softphone embedded in the webpage
>instead ?
Indeed this would be the best solution but the possibility to use h.264 codec with ekiga is the maintainer to do it with ekiga.

> Further are there any interfaces, which I can use to develop my own
> application which communicates with the webservice for handle any
> call?

>We have very limited DBUS support, but it is possible to extend it.
So in can use the ekiga engine to handle any calls and the webservice can control the engine over DBUS?
And where can I get the ekiga engine?

> And is there the possibility to send the video stream to another sip
> address as the audio stream? (Video to a separate server which does
> the "RTP-to-Flash"?

>It is not possible currently, but SIP foresees this, so it is possible
>with some code.

SIP has the ability if it would be expanded? Or is this a functionality of ekiga itself if anyone writes the functionality to the SIP-Client?

>To summarize : everything is possible, but you will need to code a bit.

Indeed I need to code a lot :)

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