[Ekiga-devel-list] Available Windows version of Ekiga.

Hi , just saw the Windows beta has been updated.

After trugglilng with different software ( Xlite , qutecom )  in order to make my grand mother to use a webcam and Sip , I have to admit : Ekiga will become the easiest & most popular SIp vidéo  software on Windows as well . Xlite is to complexe ,  all other software have a technical problem etc ...

Anyway right now , I can't retrive the last Build that has been posted on ekiga.org :

http://www.ekiga.org/admin/downloads/latest/windows/windows/ekiga-setup-3.0.1beta-7205.exe  , there is a probleme with the server it seems ?

the last one available before was the SVN 7144



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