Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Ekiga-Engine and Interfaces for Ekiga

Le mardi 14 octobre 2008 à 10:45 +0200, Heiser Michael a écrit :

> >We have very limited DBUS support, but it is possible to extend it.
> So in can use the ekiga engine to handle any calls and the webservice can control the engine over DBUS?
> And where can I get the ekiga engine?

In lib/engine, but currently, the code is not so well organized.
Actually, what you will control over DBUS is Ekiga itself, not the
engine directly.

> >It is not possible currently, but SIP foresees this, so it is possible
> >with some code.
> SIP has the ability if it would be expanded? Or is this a functionality of ekiga itself if anyone writes the functionality to the SIP-Client?

SIP has the ability, Ekiga not. 

> >To summarize : everything is possible, but you will need to code a bit.
> Indeed I need to code a lot :)

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