Re: how do I set a default line width

On Fri, Sep 12 2014, Michael Ross wrote:

All the tools (line, zigzag etc.) have default properties that are set by
double clicking on them.  Enjoy!

I meant double click on "them" - the tools, which together constitute the
toolbox, not the drawn item.  When you want to draw a zigzag line you go to
the zigzag line tool.

What pops up will be the properties that have a default nature.

Line width is not one of them.  Line width is set in the universal default
selector below the shape sheets display - along with the choices for start
and end arrow type, line type, and line and shape color and background. You
have 5 preset line width selections.  Beyond that you have set the
properties of the individual lines.

You can select multiple items, and then double click one and get properties
for all of them in one properties dialog and all will be changed wholesale.
 You can select by dragging a box around them, or by picking

If you apply, not close, the dialog you can then double click on another
item or selection of items and the dialog will change so you can edit these

Here is an exact procedure for example:

Pick the line tool, and draw a line.  Double click on it and change a
property.  Click Apply.  Now draw some other things like a bezieregion and
an image.  Select all three by dragging a box, and double click one of them
while they all have their grips showing.  The properties dialog will change
to reflect the properties of all the items selected.

I knew most of this but the one I missed is "Line width is set in the
universal default selector below the shape sheets display"

I now understand the comment about units as well.

Thank you both very much

allan, a happy generator of .02 inch width lines!

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