Re: Provide a python script to dia on the command line

Hello list!

I think I have a viable patch now, for command line provided python scripts in dia. Going over the changes:
... moved the definition of struct _PluginInfo from lib/plug-ins.c to
lib/plug-ins.h, because I need this struct in app/app_procs.c.
not ok. To avoid this please use dia_plugin_get_symbol().
Using dia_plugin_get_symbol() and dia_plugin_get_name() now. No changes to lib/plug.ins.{c,h} anymore.

... modified app/app_procs.c app_init() to include the -i option and stores
the provided filename in a local variable python_script.
ok, though I would prefer another short option, maybe -r and --run-script instead of --python?

... added a block if(python_script) which checks if the python plug-in is
loaded, and does run_script_oneshot(python_script) when sensible.

Extended functionallity: run_script_oneshot() still exists as described and is still being used during initialization. For running the script provided via the command line, there is now run_script_w_context(), which makes the variables files, export_file_name, export_file_format, input_directory and output_directory accessible from within python. To accomplish this, the code block in app/app_progs.c creates a GHashTable with these variables (files is collapsed to a ,-separated list), which is passed to run_script_w_context(), which propagates the information to the python interpreter before calling run_script_oneshot().

IMO the patch is not too big to be discussed (and finally be applied) in one piece.
I would be happy if that is still the case.

There are minor coding style glitches (tab size, placement of braces) but I can fix these before commiting.
I modified all the code I touched. There seems to be a little inconsistency with indentation. I kept to the dominant style of app/app_progs.c which is 3 spaces for function bodies and an additional 2 spaces for each {. My code layout should be at least consitently broken.

In addition, at its very beginning, this patch includes

-      ef->export_func(diagdata, ctx, outfname, infname, size);
+      ef->export_func(diagdata, ctx, outfname, infname, (void *) size);

which fixes a compile warning that kept annoying me.



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