Re: how do I set a default line width

Am 10.09.2014 um 16:52 schrieb gottlieb nyu edu:
On Wed, Sep 10 2014, gottlieb nyu edu wrote:
I was able to set a default pointsize by double clicking the "T" button.

When I tried this for the "line" button, I see that I can only change
the absolute start/end gap.

This is by design. Properties directly accessible from the toolbox are not duplicated to the default dialogs.

I would like to change the line width (from .039 to .02 inches)
The "default" line width can be changed by double-clicking the line width selection area. But the dialog is not unit aware, so you have to calculate your inches yourself.

and (of lesser importance) size of the start/end arrows to 0.30.

See arrow selection: Details (also w/o units)


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