Re: Default Font and Modifying Programmed DiaObject

Thank you for the direction. I discovered when
searching for that call you mentioned which helped explain a lot of
this. I have never used the complex objects, but the possibilities are
very cool.

The last question is that I would like to make the charts visually
consistent by creating a "standard" size of components. I have tried
making shapes like rectangles in .shape files so that I can use
smaller fonts that do not modify the width of object, but the objects
always show up as squares when initially added. Is there any way to
prevent this auto width-scaling?


On Wed, Jun 3, 2009 at 5:04 PM, Hans Breuer<hans breuer org> wrote:
At 03.06.2009 22:12, Adam Chasen wrote:

Specifically, with the link between sheet files and shapes, the
Flowchart sheet refers to a Box which is a programmed diaObject, but I
cannot see in the sheet file or the shapes dir how Dia knows that it
should be the programmed diaObject.

I don't know why it matters with the original question, but here it goes:

Dia application loads an "programmed object" plug-in
 Plug-in registers the object types, see object_register_type()
Dia application builds the sheets view.

To use the programmed objects programatically the sheets are not needed.

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