Default Font and Modifying Programmed DiaObject

I know that I can modify the default fonts by double clicking on the
object in the sheet view, but is there a way to change the application
wide default (currently sans for me)? When double-clicking to modify
it only modifies it for my local user in .dia defaults file.

Also, I modified the Flowchart sheet svg object .shape files to use my
color palette for fill and stroke, but there are a few elements which
are listed as "Porgrammed DiaObject" that I cannot figure out where to
modify. I would like a consistent fill and stroke color if possible.

I also had a hard time discovering the connection between the .sheet
and the .shape files. How are they connected?

This is a great program, keep up the good work. It is the best diagram
tool I have used that supports defined connection points.


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