Re: Redefining shortcuts (was: Re: Nested groups as faux layering)

On Sun, 17 Aug 2008, Michael Ross wrote:

The only thing I noticed not working is redefining to one of the already used (by windows) keys, e.g.

There you have it.

I don't really care for most of the choices that were made. So much so that I won't use newer releases for any length of time.
How about a version of Dia where none of the shortcuts are pre-defined? Then
I can do as needed for my own purposes.

Is it possible for an application to redifine Windows-E, or other shortcuts that Windows have defined?


PS. In my experience, the Windows desktop's dealing with general shortcuts to start programs is plain buggy, sometimes it just didn't recognize that I've defined a shortcut for a program. Other times it worked after a reboot.

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