Re: Nested groups as faux layering

At 15.08.2008 15:19, Michael Ross wrote:

I had this idle thought while driving to work this morning...

I tend to be nesting more and more groups in Dia - grouping groups of
groups, etc.  I use it as a quick sort of layering.  I wonder if there is a
limitation of which I should be aware?  OR can I continue gathering more and
more entities together in groups without concern for performance or

I'm not aware of any limit of the nesting level for grouping.

Still on 0.95-pre7 (can't stand the newer keystroke shortcuts)
The ChangeLog does not show such a change, could you elaborate a bit more what change keeps you on a prerelease?

which has a
problem of crashing when ungrouping at times (always save first).

IIRC that problem was much more serious, i.e. if you were unlucky it did not immediately crash.

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