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Still on 0.95-pre7 (can't stand the newer keystroke shortcuts)
The ChangeLog does not show such a change, could you elaborate a bit more what change keeps you on a prerelease?

We had a discussion about this at least a year ago about this.  I am an old school "power user" and I prefer keystrokes to intiate functions.  One or two keys max (Alt-Z for instance), and I prefer to set them up myself. I can hit Shift, Ctrl, Alt and nearly anything on the left side of the keyboard at the same time, but Shift-Alt-anthing is not good at all.  Changing to the three finger Shift-Alt-? combinations effectively removed shortcuts as a feature for me.

I have problems with ulnar nerve repetitive stress so anything I can do to unload my right hand and all its mousing duties extends my career as a computer user.  If I can - and as I do in many of the programs I use - I set up left hand only keystrokes so I can reduce all the mousing around business.

I believe I tried the .96 release - it had all the keystroke shortcuts redone with many three finger combinations.  Those are no good to me.  The best thing is to assign these myself.  No way that developers can guess which functions I use most and need to stroke with minimum travel and maximum speed.  Unfortunately, there is no way for the user to change the shortcuts.  These are buried in the code and I am no programmer.  (So I was told.)

Since I prefer the keystrokes in .95 and can accept the various glitches at that release level I haven't used any of the newer versions.  Actually, I have .96 at home and am looking at now, indeed it has the hated three stroke shortcuts.  I hardly use Dia a home which explains why I haven't reverted.  If I had to use it for more than a fraction of an hour I would be dealing with that.

which has a
problem of crashing when ungrouping at times (always save first).

IIRC that problem was much more serious, i.e. if you were unlucky it did not immediately crash.

It is random.  I have an idea that if I wait a moment for some unknown activities to subside that it ungroups fine.  Ctrl-S seems to work nearly all the time to prevent the crash so I hit Ctrl-S then Shift-G

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