Re: A patch for new signals

2005/12/3, Lars Clausen <lars raeder dk>:
Thanks for submitting this.  Testing, got it to compile alright after
rebuilding the marshall files.  Thank you for using Javadoc style

The undo handling seems to sometimes emit too many signals, namely when
undoing a delete signals are emitted for all elements of a diagram, not
just those undeleted.

There's also a possible concern, namely that objects can be removed from
the diagram and later readded by being part of a group.  I'm planning to
change that, but right now having received an "added" signal and no
subsequent "removed" signal does not necessarily mean that the object is
in the layers object list.

I'll go ahead and commit it anyway.  Could you consider how to deal with
the undelete problem I describe?

Thanks! I really appriciate it.
I'll have a look at the undelete problem as soon as I have time.

thanks again

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