Re: Call for Visio documents [Was: Cisco icons for Dia]

Hear ye!  Hear ye!
Let ye all know that we desire to hold without our domain a collection
of Visio document, such that we may test our abilities within the
conversion of such.  All ye who hold such enscribings as to be in the style
of Visio, please emplace any that are not containing of secrets in an
place easily accessible by means of browsers, or if nonesuch becomes ye,
send it to me by the mail of electrons.

If you really want a tonne of Visio files maybe this should be put on

i took the contents of the directory for the visio web component (vwc,
browser plugin) and chucked it in my web directory

Visio Document

consipiracy theory! freaky coincidence check out the first few
characters in Mozilla / a text editor, looks like:

moving swiftly on

The visio XML file

these files are also XML
the seem to be some sort of XML registry script/regfile.

I dont plan to leave those files there for long (a week maybe), i would
appreciate a quick message offlist when they have been grabbed.


Alan Horkan

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