Re: Cisco icons for Dia

On Thu, 2002-06-27 at 18:18, Lars Clausen wrote:
On 27 Jun 2002, Ian Redfern wrote:
If anyone has files in the the Visio 2002 XML export format, I'd be
happy to build something to convert those, with the aim of eventually
building support into Dia directly.

I saw the DTD.  It's friggin' huuuge!  Ah, thought so.  It was mentioned on
the list in
XSLT yourself away!  Hm, that seemed to be dead.  Here's a better one:
Good luck!

I've had the DTD for a while, but I could really do someone with Visio
2002 to make me some sample XML export files - I don't want to start
until I know I have something to test it on. The DTD is a good guide to
what should be in the native Visio file format though.

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