Re: Cisco icons for Dia

Mostly, yes, although I had to apply the letters by hand - the original
icons are available in PDF, and it's pretty painless to convert that to
SVG with XPM previews. Fortunately SVG has a very similar path model to

The shape files could be halved in size if I rescaled the numbers to get
rid of spurious accuracy - I'll look at this for a future release. It
would also be much simpler if I could put text in shape files, although
I admit that cross-platform font issues would make this impractical.

The quality of the XPMs is pretty poor - I just converted them through
GhostScript, and they would look much better if they were all the same
size, say. 

If anyone else has a pile of icons they'd like to use in Dia, I'm happy
to help convert them - if you can get them into PostScript, e.g. by
printing them, the rest is pretty easy.

Ian Redfern.

On Mon, 2002-06-24 at 17:14, Lars Clausen wrote:
That's most impressive.  221 shapes.  Were these automatically converted?

I'm converting the icons to png to speed up the loading and save space.

This is a very big collection of shapes.  It makes me consider once more to
have some way to download shape collections easily.  This is an additional
megabyte worth of shapes (2 mb on a file system because it's 442 files).


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