Re: Cisco icons for Dia

On 24 Jun 2002, Ian Redfern wrote:
Mostly, yes, although I had to apply the letters by hand - the original
icons are available in PDF, and it's pretty painless to convert that to
SVG with XPM previews. Fortunately SVG has a very similar path model to

That is very cool!  Is this something that can be totally automated, or do
you still have to cut things out by hand?

The shape files could be halved in size if I rescaled the numbers to get
rid of spurious accuracy - I'll look at this for a future release. 

No, two decimal points seems perfectly fine.

It would also be much simpler if I could put text in shape files,
although I admit that cross-platform font issues would make this

For things like the ADM, the FDDI etc?  We should probably wait and see how
the current font changes pan out.

The quality of the XPMs is pretty poor - I just converted them through
GhostScript, and they would look much better if they were all the same
size, say. 

Yeah, same size would be nice.

If anyone else has a pile of icons they'd like to use in Dia, I'm happy
to help convert them - if you can get them into PostScript, e.g. by
printing them, the rest is pretty easy.

This is incredibly useful.  Thank you!


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