Re: Stereotype of association and read-only startup option

Lars Clausen:
> A stereotypical association?  Funky.  Is that standard UML?

Yes, indeed. The standard allows the <<implict>> stereotype, but the UML extension mechanism should allow others too.

September 2001 OMG-UML , v1.4 Core 2-19 Association
implicit The «implicit» stereotype is applied to an association, specifying that the
association is not manifest, but rather is only conceptual.

Lars Clausen:
> > ii) if there would be --read-only startup option
> What would this give that exporting to, say, PostScript doesn't?

Alan Horkan:
> why not just set the file to Read Only using the windows properties
> dialog?

I intend to write "Project Documentation" application in LotusNotes. There will be Notes documents with Dia files attached to them. Of course, not everybody will be allowded to edit such document. Let us suppose that the user with read-only rights opens such document. He opens Notes document in read mode, pushes the button "View Dia document", attachment is detached to local disk and Dia opens it. Now he can edit the Dia file (I cannot prevent that). Of course, changes cannot be uploaded back to Notes document (because the user doesn't have edit rights), but such behavior is iritating. To make things worse, I cannot envisage if the user will be allowded to edit the Lotus document - there can be nested groups, roles, organisational units and explicit names. Thus the cleanest behavior would be: launch Dia in read-only mode when launched from Notes document in read mode, and in edit mode when Notes document is in edit mode. Hence I need the --read-only startup option.

Best Regards

Piotr Jachowicz
p jachowicz adeo com pl

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