Re: Cisco icons for Dia

On 27 Jun 2002, Ian Redfern wrote:
Yes, I announced it on this list three weeks ago. Unfortunately the
first brave victim to try it (Phillippe Leveronne) proved conclusively
that the EMF parts of his Visio 97 files aren't very exciting.

I've tried it on the Visio files I've been sent in the last few months,
and it produces a bitmap for half of them and a useful Dia drawing for
the other half. More samples are very welcome though.

Could a current Visio user tell us if Visio has some option for what kind
of EMF (preview?) it puts in that affects this?

If anyone has files in the the Visio 2002 XML export format, I'd be
happy to build something to convert those, with the aim of eventually
building support into Dia directly.

I saw the DTD.  It's friggin' huuuge!  Ah, thought so.  It was mentioned on
the list in
XSLT yourself away!  Hm, that seemed to be dead.  Here's a better one:
Good luck!


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