Re: Text not lining up with class box

On Mon, 29 Apr 2002, John Tsangaris wrote:

I remember having this kind of problem long time ago.  It stems from the
GTK fonts not having the same width as the actual PostScript fonts.  As
you may see in other mails on the list, the GTK font widths are generally
screwy.  We've tried to hack around it, but with little luck.

Which version of Dia are you using?


I'm using version 0.88.1.

So if I switch desktop managers to KDE.. the problem should go away?

No, the desktop manager just manages your desktop (hence the name:).  Dia
uses GTK for its user interface, which is not easily changed.

Still, I am not seeing that problem even when I run 0.88.1.  Can you send a
diagram that shows this behaviour (if you don't want the list to see any
sensitive parts, you can mail it to me directly)?


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