Re: Text not lining up with class box

On Mon, 29 Apr 2002, John Tsangaris wrote:

When I try to print, the text in my class, both attribute and
method, overran the border of my class box.

|               Class            |
| ------------------------------ |
| +new(userid:String,loadgroups:boolean): object reference
|                                |

Now that I am sure my email messages are getting through to this
list. :-)  Would anyone have a solution to this dilemma?

And please.. if the answer is: no, we have never seen this problem
before.. let me know! :-)

I remember having this kind of problem long time ago.  It stems from the
GTK fonts not having the same width as the actual PostScript fonts.  As you
may see in other mails on the list, the GTK font widths are generally
screwy.  We've tried to hack around it, but with little luck.

Which version of Dia are you using?


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