Re: Retiring app menus - planning for 3.32.0

On Fri, 2018-09-21 at 11:59 -0700, Christian Hergert wrote:
On 09/21/2018 11:43 AM, Shaun McCance wrote:
Can you elaborate on this? One of the goals of Mallard is to allow
plugin docs to integrate into the main app docs. Is there something
could be doing better?

Advertise the feature? :)

Does it work when they are installed into different directories like
~/.local/share/$app/plugins vs /usr for the app?

The help would have to be in ~/.local/share/help/$lang/$app, mirroring
the layout in /usr/share/help, but you can indeed add pages under your
home directory.

And it's only for adding pages, not for adding content to an existing
page. So while a plugin can add lots of pages about how to use it, and
have those pages appear in the docs navigation, it couldn't add content
to a single "Keyboard Shortcuts" page.

(There are Mallard features in the pipeline that could allow adding
content to existing pages, but they're low priority at the moment.)

(Also, I have yet to sit down and figure out how plugins and plugin
docs play out in the world of Flatpak. So there's that.)

I'm still not in favor of users having to open help and scan for
shortcuts when we have a very simple way to find what you're looking
via the search window (and discover new things you didn't know

But I'm biased, given that I wrote it.

I'm also skeptical that users will think to open help to find
when the dominant platform (web) has gone with the shortcuts overlay
route (albeit their only option).

I actually like the in-app shortcuts reference. The more guidance we
can provide in-app, the better. I do think we can explore better ways
for users to be able to get to the docs when needed, but that's another

I just wanted to see if Mallard is falling down on one of its key
features. Thanks for the feedback.


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