Re: Retiring app menus - planning for 3.32.0

Adrien Plazas <kekun plazas laposte net> wrote:
> What about updating the name ofthe "Keyboard Shortcuts" entry? The windows they trigger also contain gestures and in Games they also contain gamepad controls, making them being about way more than keyboards.
> "Shortcuts" is a simple replacement but any other idea is welcome.

To be honest, I'm not sure how successful the keyboard shortcut windows have been and I suspect that they're not being used a great deal.

The main problems as I see them:
One option would be to reframe the shortcut windows as purely a quick reference for keyboard shortcuts. As part of this, we'd need to publicise the shortcut for raising the shortcuts window (possibly by exposing it in the menu).

I realise that you probably have an interest from a Games perspective, but I think it would be fine to special-case that and come up with a bespoke solution.


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