Re: Potential GNOME IDE

Looking at the screenshots it looks more like a JDK or Gnome bug. There are no layout or painting issues in the screenshot, just the window decorations are missing. We need IDE log to see what’s wrong.


On 01/06/2014 09:28 AM, Michael Ikey Doherty wrote:
On Mon, 2014-01-06 at 08:54 +0100, Geertjan Wielenga wrote:
Can someone send a screenshot showing how NetBeans is not so well
integrated? Then we can create an issue in the NetBeans bugtracker and
get it fixed.


Please see my G+ album for two screenshots:

Swing popups are undecorated, no doubt due to the fact they're actually
undecorated windows, not using a popup class. Spacing and padding is off
on all menus and buttons (not wide enough). Icon tabs (not sure what
you're calling them in Netbeans) in the preferences dialog use the
Nimbus look and feel, as opposed to falling back to a GTK style button.

Spacing is off on menus, etc. Icons are Nimbus, not GTK (though this is
most likely just not going to be fixed, due to a lack of support for
native theme access (freedesktop icons))

Happy to report other issues if required. Problem is that the GTK theme
in Swing merely uses a GTK2 library to render pixmaps in Swings own way.
Native integration is always going to be an enormous obstacle with a
non-native approach (Which exists for obvious reasons, I know. Just
reporting :))

Kind Regards,
Ikey Doherty

On 01/06/2014 08:51 AM, Julien Olivier wrote:
Le lundi 06 janvier 2014 à 01:45 -0200, Fernando Cassia a écrit :
On Sun, Jan 5, 2014 at 7:55 PM, Mike <mikeandmore gmail com> wrote:
I guess that's why there are users perfer to use "ugly" IDE like netbeans
rather than a good looking Anjuta.
If everyone keeps repeating the "Netbeans is ugly" line, does it make
it true? Less complete than this hypothetical new IDE that is yet to
be written. ;)

I really think that by "it's ugly", all he meant was that it looked ugly
(and not so well integrated) compared to a native GTK3 app in a GNOME 3
environment. And this is *true*, even if not *important*.

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