Re: [desktop-devel-list] Potential GNOME IDE

Le 05/01/2014 21:23, Sébastien Wilmet a écrit :
What I meant is that there are some features in common. Like the search
and replace, file loading and saving (with support for different
encodings and line ending types), a multi-document interface (MDI) with
tabs, etc.

Anjuta is not a text editor. By example, gedit need to search and replace text only in open files, so having it working on a GtkSourceView object is fine. But Anjuta needs to search and replace text in all project files, some of them are not open and don't have a corresponding GtkSourceView object.

Moreover, in order to simplify the interactions between plugins, each of them provide one or more set of rather simple functions. By example an editor plugin, provide IAnjutaEditor which contains only very basic functions, it's much simpler than the GtkSourceView and GtkTextView API. I think it's not the case for a Gedit plugin which can get directly a pointer on the GtkTextView object.

Sébastien G

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