Re: [desktop-devel-list] Potential GNOME IDE


Le 05/01/2014 18:03, Sébastien Wilmet a écrit :
Having both gedit and Anjuta is already a duplication of effort.

I don't think so. You can run Anjuta with only the editor plugin to looks like a simple editor or run gedit with lots of plugin to look like Anjuta but it's not the same. The architecture is quite different.

Personally I prefer only a text editor, and use the command line or
other applications for the other features (git, glade, devhelp, etc).

It's a very common way to work. I typically have several terminals open too and use Anjuta as a text editor. But some functions are really useful, like saving all files before compiling or setting breakpoints in the text view. I think more will be useful but it's not obvious to get the right user interface, just adding a menu item is not enough.

By moving some features from gedit or Anjuta to GtkSourceView, we can
eliminate part of the effort duplication. And specialized text editors
can emerge, which is a good thing in my opinion. I don't really like
general-purpose applications, they are more complex to configure, and
they are more complicated to learn and use. The UI is generic enough for
all the possible plugins, but for some plugins the UI is a bit too

I don't think you should consider Anjuta, nor I think Netbean or Eclipse, as a general purpose application. Anjuta is a program only loading plugins and allowing them to communicate between each other.

A plugin includes code, like a shared library, with some data, like the interface provided and some graphical user interface elements.

If there are libraries for creating easily a text editor, a debugger,
Git features, and so on, in the end the IDE is just a GUI to integrate
all the pieces together. Specialized text editors can be created for C,
Vala, Python, LaTeX, etc.

With the right set of plugins, Anjuta is rather a specialized text editor. But if we want to make such kind of editor really easy to implement, having common libraries is only a first step.

I hope it clarifies a bit my position,




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