Re: Announcing GNOME's official GitHub mirror

On ה', 2013-08-15 at 16:10 +0200, Luis Menina wrote:
Le 15/08/2013 16:08, fr33domlover a écrit :
You mean, "to make GNOME's codebase available to more people who don't
mind using GitHub by adding another proprietary centralized distribution
channel to it."

You're missing the point: the goal is not to encourage people to go to
github to contribute, but encourage people which already are on github
to contribute to GNOME. That's not the same thing.

Of course, nobody wants to encourage people to use a proprietary service
(I hope so, at least).

But assume I'm new to Gnome and I want to contribute. It's easier for me
to do it through GitHub than through Gitorious, because of the mirrors. 

So you do encourage the use of GitHub, even if you don't intend to.

Maybe GitHub will help more people contribute, but I don't see why it's
so important. I prefer to have 3 developers who care, than to have 5 who
don't care. If I didn't mind to use GitHub, I could as well not mind
using Windows. GitHub is proprietary, just like Windows.

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