Announcing GNOME's official GitHub mirror

Hello everyone,

I've been working with the GitHub guys and Andrea Veri on setting up a
mirror for all GNOME repos in GitHub.

I have more detailes about this in a blog post[0] I just published.

The aim of this mirror is just to serve as a starting point for people
wanting to have a public branch where they can publicize their work
even if they don't have a GNOME account. It should also help
maintainers keep track of the work people is doing out there with
their code.

There's no intention to support pull requests or to depend in any way
in this service, this is just a nice-to-have to serve the GitHub's
community and user base.

The hooks are supposed to be non invasive and this should be
completely transparent to the rest of our infrastructure, if you have
any issues feel free to get in touch with me or Andrea!

Let me know if you have any questions or requests, happy hacking!

Alberto Ruiz

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