Re: GNOME user survey 2011 (v6)

> The metaphore mismatch in two points - the users of GNOME have the power
> to fork it (I heard even calls to fork GNOME before 3.0) so if
> sufficient number of developers decides to maintain GNOME 2 it may still
> live (probably under different name - IANAL and I'm not sure about
> trademark etc. details). (Whether the discontent have necessary skills
> is of course different matter).
> GNOME is also only a part of stack and I don't think GNOME 2 will stop
> working with, say, kernel 3.6 which would include new drivers etc. the
> same goes for sane/cups/mesa/... hence it will unlikely have issues with
> new HW.
I am talking about users, not developers. For the users my point
remains, my metaphor is valid. Users do not fork, do not develop. They
do not upgrade parts of the stack - they upgrade distros. Have you
heard the opinions like "I will stay with existing version of Debian
as long as I can - since it runs 2.32, then will switch to XFCE?" I


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