Re: Feature Proposal - Sushi

On Thu, May 12, 2011 at 11:15:02PM +0100, Allan Day wrote:
> Sounds like it should be both a new feature and a part of GNOME core. It
> would be great to be able to introduce it as a feature in 3.2.
> I've started a feature page here [1].
> [1]

I'd like some (design) feedback about this.

First of all, I didn't read the emails fully so I might be asking things
that have been explained.. :)

1. Evince is supposed to be a generic document viewer. Is there any
overlap with Sushi?

2. What about the file associations? You might want to easily view
things, or actually work with the file (change it). How would this be
handled? What would happen by default on a double click?


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