Re: Feature Proposal - Sushi

Cosimo Cecchi wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> It's too late for feature proposal, but I've been encouraged to post
> this here anyway.
> Sushi [1] is a quick previewer application, targeting integration with
> file managers such as Nautilus - you can read more about it in a blog
> post I wrote some time ago [2], but it works in a similar way to OSX
> Quicklook and Gloobus-Preview [3].
> The project is still very young (I've been working on and off on it in
> the last month or so), but it's working well already, it supports quite
> a lot of file formats and Nautilus 3.1.1 can already make use of it, if
> it's installed on the system (no strict dependencies are required, since
> its start-up is implemented as a DBus-activated service). I envision
> this could be also useful outside of Nautilus, (GtkFileChooser comes to
> mind, but it might be useful for Finding and Reminding/Journal too?),
> but I don't yet have grand integration plans for it.
> The project uses the GNOME infrastructure, depends on a number of
> libraries of our platform already (Clutter, GTK+, WebKitGTK, GStreamer)
> and a couple of other popular external libraries (libmusicbrainz,
> GtkSourceView support is in the pipeline) but it's still lacking a
> Bugzilla product (it could probably even use a Nautilus component for
> it).
> So, with the new moduleset arrangement, does this qualify as a "OS
> feature"? Does this need to go under some sort of approval/discussion
> outside of the Nautilus forums? We didn't use to propose new features
> for modules already in the desktop moduleset, but I've now been
> encouraged to write about this project as targeting a feature.
> This case is probably a bit borderline, as it's technically a new module
> (so it would map to the old "new module proposal" process we used to
> have), but it's used only by one application (Nautilus) currently...the
> end result is I'm a bit confused :)

Sounds like it should be both a new feature and a part of GNOME core. It
would be great to be able to introduce it as a feature in 3.2.

I've started a feature page here [1].



> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> Cheers,
> Cosimo
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