"Open containing folder" for all apps

Hi, all,

Per André's request to post features for Gnome 3.2 - here goes.

A while ago I blogged about the problem of lack of circulation in our
files, and posted a patch for Evince:


In summary, while one can go *down* in the file system hierarchy with
Nautilus to open a file, one cannot go *up* from the opened file back
into the file system (presumably to explore files that are "near" the
one you had open).

Firefox has an "Open in file manager" command for its downloads, which
is pretty useful.  I find Evince's "Open containing folder" command
invaluable when I'm organizing PDFs to drag them to a better place.

I think all apps that let you open documents or files should let you
browse back to the file in the file manager.

Akshay Gupta, in the CC for this mail, is my Summer of Code student who
will be doing some things around file management, "Finding and
Reminding" for gnome-shell, and such.  One of his tasks is to produce
patches for a few apps so that they have an "Open in file manager"

Nautilus now lets us do this properly:

So, what do you think?  The patches for apps should be pretty small, and
they really provide much better circulation within your files.


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