First release of geocode-glib available


This is the first release of geocode-glib, a small library on top of the
Yahoo! Place Finder API.

This first release allows you to do geocoding (going from a place name,
to a longitude/latitude pair) and reverse geocoding (finding a place
name from coordinates).

It also implements caching (so that starting up Empathy doesn't flood
the service), and helper functions to use Telepathy location properties
to do geocoding.

There's everything you'd expect from a glib-based library, GObject
introspection for Python, Vala or Javascript, API documentation, and a
test suite.

The dependencies are gvfs, libsoup, and json-glib, though the gvfs
dependencies might be removed in the future.

This library should be used in place of Geoclue's D-Bus API for
geocoding and reverse geocoding.

Finally, the responses to requests also include information about the
timezone and the closest airport to the location, which could be of some
use to libgweather and date & time settings.

Code is at:
And tarballs at:


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