Re: GNOME Feature Proposal: Backup

On Tue, 2011-05-10 at 15:49 +0200, Michael Terry wrote:

> I'm also happy to answer any questions about Déjà Dup, obviously.

I had a look at deja-dup, and was quite impressed at its simplicity. But
I found it a bit difficult to recreate the kind of backup that I
presently do with duplicity. I attached my current script for
completeness, but here are the things that I found I couldn't figure out
how to do with the existing UI:

	--encrypt-key 5CB48AEA \
	--sign-key 5CB48AEA \

specify asymmetric encryption using my GPG key.

	--volsize 100 \

implementation detail, but it should be tweakable?

	--exclude '/home/andrew/**/*.o' \

I can tell it to ignore certain files or folders by name, but it doesn't
seem I can exclude by pattern? As a developer there are an awful lot of
intermediate files that I don't need to backup

	--exclude '/home/andrew/**/tmp/**/*.class' \
	--exclude '/home/andrew/**/tmp/**/*.h' \

and so on.

	--exclude '/home/andrew/.gvfs' \
	--exclude '/home/andrew/.local/share/gvfs-metadata' \
	--exclude '/home/andrew/.cache' \
	--exclude '**/*.cache' \
	--exclude '**/Cache/**' \

If we're backing up a user's home directory, then ignoring all this
stuff could just be automatic, right?

	--exclude '/home/andrew/.gnome2/epiphany/favicon_cache' \
	--exclude '/home/andrew/.local/share/Trash' \
	--exclude '/home/andrew/.Trash' \
	--exclude '**/sessions' \
	--exclude '/home/andrew/.nautilus/metafiles' \
	--exclude '/home/andrew/.nautilus/saved*' \
	--exclude '/home/andrew/.fontconfig' \

Ditto. And of course doing a system level backup, we don't need (and
need to forceably skip):

	--exclude '/dev' \
	--exclude '/proc' \
	--exclude '/sys' \
	--exclude '/tmp' \
	--exclude '/var/lock' \
	--exclude '/var/run' \
	--exclude '/var/cache/apt' \
	--exclude '/var/lib/apt/lists' \
	--exclude '/var/log' \
	--exclude '/media' \
	--exclude '/mnt' \

And so on.

Like I said, I like deja-dup, and its straight-forward UI. But given the
sort of nuance above (and that everyone would want to tweak such things)
could there be a default template of ignore, perhaps?

Frankly, I'd prefer not to have to think about any of that - I just know
that there are a ton of temporary or replaceable files that don't need
to be backed up and when you're on a costly, time-limited, low-bandwidth
link somewhere (ie travelling in the developing world) sending
thumbnails and .o files isn't ideal.

While this is clearly the sort of thing that could degenerate into a
zillion configuration options and permutations, I'd like to hope GNOME's
backup solution could help me out here and just Do The Right Thing™.


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