Re: My thoughts on fallback mode

Also, this thread has long since passed the point where I'm reading all
of the arguments - and I suspect that the same goes for all of the
developers working on GNOME 3. I propose that we just stop now, since
continuing discussions like this at this point is just wasting the time
of everyone who has to delete all the email.


Agreed.  I am sure there are issues to discuss, but could those with a
passion for discussing these topics please at least change the subject
line to more clearly reflect what you want to discuss, and move
discussions to relevant mailing list(s)?

There is no reason to discourage discussion, but please let's try to
make it productive.  Sometimes threads like this are useful for
brainstorming, but it seems time for this particular thread to end.
Participating in this discussion is starting to feel nauseous like
watching people vomit.

Although the Release Team has made it clear that they do not yet have
any specific formal plans, that there is nobody standing in the way
of interested people working to make GNOME 2 (or "Classic Mode" or
whatever its called) and GNOME 3 interoperate better.  Clearly the
details need to be worked out, but can we do so in more focused threads
than "My thoughts on fallback mode"?


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