Re: My thoughts on fallback mode

>> Somehow I suspect that non-developer users on desktop-devel-list do
>> not represent a majority of GNOME users.
> Well, the world is bigger than this ML and I never said that the majority is
> complaining, just that 1% is not the truth.
> Compared to how many users stuff like Compiz, AWN & Co got I would say it's
> somewhere between 5 and 10%. Maybe I'm wrong, but 1% is wrong, too.
Well, now that people are throwing percents at each other, it is a
very interesting point as such - does anybody know anything about
userbase whose experience GNOME3 is going to improve? I am not
ranting/trolling here, I am really interested. Was there any research
made? I realize that my references to voting on cannot be
seriously considered - but perhaps someone made serious usability
testing or survey, someone could say XX% are not happy, YY% are not
happy with GNOME2 (of course, ZZ% do not care at all or not using
gnome), the first figure is going to increase with GNOME3 to XY%, the
second will drop as low as YX%? That kind of research, if properly
made, is usually a conclusive argument for/against any serious visible
design changes.

I hope that GNOME3 is not just a leap of faith...


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